How to Book

  1. Choose which house you want to stay.
  2. Check availability on our Availability page.
  3. After you choose which house you want to stay, fill in the Reservation Request Form and send.  
  4. You will receive confirmation mail and request of deposit via PayPal. 
  5. After we receive deposit, we will send confirmation mail.  

Please Note:  

  1. We required our guest to make deposit of first night to settle reservation.
  2. Deposit has to make within 5 days via PayPal.  
  3. If we don’t receive deposit within 5 days, reservation shall be cancelled.  
  4. A cancellation charge will be required for cancellations after reservation has been confirmed.  The cancellation charge is not required until 8 days before the date of the reservation.  Please read our cancellation policy.  

How to Check-In

① Please meet our staff and designed meeting location.
   ​Our meeting locations are:

  • Tsumugi Inn:  
    In front of convenience store “Lawson” Gojo Omiya store.
  • Kyo Akari Inn:
    In front of coined parking on Nishinotoin Rokujo. 
  • Karaku Inn:
    1. Keage Station Exit No.2 on the ground floor.  (Subway use)
    2. In front of Okonomiyaki restaurant “Kiraku” on Sanjo Hirommichi street.  (Taxi use.)

② Our staff takes you to house.

③ Staff will show you around house and give you instructions for each facilities and equipment.

④ Please read our agreement and singe.  We also take copy of passport which is    required by Japanese Government.   

⑤ Please notify our staff your check-out time.

⑥ Our staff gives you a house key and house is all yours!

Enjoy your stay!

How to Check-Out

① Our staff will come to your request time. (Our Check-Out time is by 11:00 a.m.)

② Our staff will check the house.

③ If there’s no damage or problem, you are ready to go!

Thank you for your stay!

Reservation Request Form

After checking the days when the rental house is available and reading the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Contract, submit your reservation request via the form below.
A few days after your reservation request, an e-mail will be sent informing you that we have received your reservation request; the e-mail will include instructions on how to pay the deposit. Then, pay the deposit of 30,000 yen.

  • Input
  • Confirm
  • Finish

Details of your reservation request

First Name*Required  
Last Name*Required  
Postal Code  
E-Mail Address*Required

* Please re-enter to confirm.
Phone Number *Required
* (An example +81 1111 2222)
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Check-in time  
* Check-in starts From 15:00 to 19:00


Rentals*Required * Please choose from the following.
Special Requests
* Please write any special requests here. While we cannot guarantee any special requests, we will do our best to accommodate you.